The Four 'C's

Techo’s recently refurbished showroom highlights new products, layouts and ideas, while also being a productive environment for its staff and clients.

Techo provide the solutions to create these spaces by focusing on the four C’s of the workplace environment: Communicate, Collaborate, Concentrate & Circulate, every inch of Techo’s new showroom highlights this philosophy whilst showcasing its diverse range of products.

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One highlight of the new showroom is the Chesterfield area, which promotes both the sofa and chair range. With many more products, options and finishes available, including bespoke fabric and dimensions, the Chesterfield has quickly become a firm favourite within the Techo catalogue.

By encouraging movement, the workplace becomes more fluid, and encourages interaction, innovation and creativity. Combined with the additional flexibility and ability to reconfigure, Techo understand the need to offer a wide variety of settings in this type of space, from soft seating, to booth type products as well as café and breakout packages.


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Collaborative working allows your people to take teamwork to a higher level; by using technological advances and providing environments that support the tasks that people have: productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness are all improved.

The key factor in collaborative working environments is flexibility. As project teams evolve, then the spaces which they occupy need to evolve with it. The ability to create these flexible, agile spaces can reduce costs associated with change.

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For both formal and informal settings, Techo provide a number of solutions which work in sync with your organisation.

Communication in the office environment covers many forms. Whether you are interacting with colleagues, clients, supply partners or others, your space can not only say a lot about you, but can actively support the way messages are delivered.


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The workplace needs to support the balancing of privacy for its occupiers. Whether this is acoustic, or visual privacy, spaces need to be provided to enable users to fully concentrate on the task ahead.

From an industry leading range of desking and storage solutions, to screening and space division systems, Techo understand the importance of providing workspace solutions that leave individuals to focus without distraction, and with ergonomic considerations fully considered.

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Soft Seating

Techo’s soft seating catalogue has increased dramatically over the last few years, positioning the company at the forefront of a whole new area of furniture production.

We are fortunate to be working with some of the most sought out designers and skilled manufacturers in the industry, while still being able to offer unbeatable customer service and delivery times.

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Featured Products

Chesterfield Chesterfield
The iconic Chesterfield range is the definition of luxury. Traditional and yet fashionable these deep seats and feather topped cushions combine to make the perfect chair on which to kick off your shoes, sit back and enjoy pure comfort. These sofas are hand made in Britain to specification and are…
Huggi Huggi
A new style of soft seating that creates sub environments and sculpts the interior architecture.Consisting of a comprehensive system of modules, it can be assembled to create endless configurations; modules can be custom designed for specific requirements. It can be used as a room-within-a-room concept providing a degree of privacy…
City City
City is a minimalist sofa, designed by Christophe Pillet and is characterised by a cubical and gentle form that invites interaction between people. City with its puffy seats and backs, provides a relaxed and comfortable feeling. It maintains a real look and feel of class without compromising on comfort levels.
Alfa Meeting Table Alfa Meeting Table
Alfa meeting table takes the extremely popular and effective design of Alfa 200 and adapts it for large scale use, in all meeting rooms, clubrooms, communication zones and rest areas.